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  1. Jen Morey says:

    Hi Rachelle and Katherine,

    Very cute photo of you two! I hope your wedding was as great as mine. I’m contacting you because I was wondering if, since it looks like your website hasn’t been updated in a while, you’d be interested in selling the domain name. My wife and I just got married (we’re in California) after being together for 22 years, and we are thinking of starting a blog to help other lesbian couples through the process, especially as it was quite a feat to accomplish at our age (60s)! We feel we have a lot to offer as far as advice on dealing with family, finding gay-friendly vendors, renting a venue, etc. (and we would include plenty of first-person stories from couples like yourselves who want to contribute).

    I am the features editor for our local paper and feel I could do it justice; indeed, I envision it being THE destination in cyberspace for lesbian weddings! I am retiring in a year and am trying to come up with an idea to supplement my meager Social Security check. My wife is disabled and brings in even less than I will be getting. I guess from that you can tell that I can’t afford to pay thousands for the domain name. (The usurpers of the domain “lesbianweddings.com” won’t even consider any offer less than $2500!)

    Look forward to hearing from you, and thanks!

    Jen Morey
    Eureka, CA

    PS: If you want to verify my identity, please visit http://www.times-standard.com and type “Jen Morey” in the search box.

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